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Welcome to Best Horror FilmsWe are so excited to have you here at, your brand new source for everything horror-related.

Whether you’re looking for a review on the newest horror movie release or looking for a physical copy of your favorite classic horror flick, we’ve got you covered.

As long-time horror fans, we realized how difficult it can be to find an updated list of the best horror films out there. This is why we wanted to create an up-to-date and reliable place for everyone who loves horror as much as we do. We you to find everything they need and more to create the ultimate horror experience.

We want to provide an atmosphere for other fans to share, discuss, and even spark up their own ideas. Looking to write a horror movie of your own? Find some inspiration from our reviews or read through some real-life horror stories.


What can you Expect to Find Here?

We want to make the horror film experience as fun, thrilling, and interactive as possible.

Best Horror Flicks About UsSearch through hundreds of movies to find one that sparks your interest. Are you into thrillers, psychological horror, slasher movies, or another creepy movie type? We have it all!

We are creating “Top 25” lists for each horror genre, as well as “Best of” lists categorized by year and period. You’re a fan of horror from the 1980s? We’ve got a list for you! We also make it easy to purchase any of the horror films that are listed. 

But beware, because the terrifying experience does not end there. What sets Best Horror Flicks apart from everyone else is that we took the time to dive deeper into each and every movie. Buy masks right here on our site and dress up as your favorite characters, or read about stories that took place in real life that are similar to the stories you see in the movie. will use both in-house and user submitted reviews to provide answers to all of your horror questions. Submit your own review to give input on your favorite thrilling plot twist, or make a list of your all-time top 5 favorites to share.


a One-Stop Source for Thrills

Our main goal here at Best Horror Flicks is to be an authority on really great flicks and latest releases.

We want you to enjoy reading through our ideas, and we also want everyone to get involved by submitting their own ideas! See our user submitted lists of top 5 horror movies, and submit your own top 5!

Our site is always expanding and is always kept up to date. Don’t forget to check back often for more thrills.

Let the fear begin!

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