The History of the 1982 Film Poltergeist

What exactly is a ‘poltergeist’? It is basically an entity or supernatural being that is responsible for a disturbance around you.

An example of these disturbances would be objects being mysteriously moved around, loud noises, doors closing on their own, and much more.

What most people don’t know is that the traditional idea of a ghost and a poltergeist are not the same thing.

A ghost is traditionally a spirit that is haunting you and will show itself, while a poltergeist is a disturbance that does not show itself. However, it does make itself known with the strange things begin happening around you.


The Story Behind Poltergeist (1982)

The original Poltergeist is a very spooky movie that was filmed in 1982.

This film is about a family’s house being haunted and the entities beginning to make contact with them. At first, the family think these spirits are kind, but things quickly change.

It is said that this film was inspired by real life events that took place at a family’s home in 1958. In their house, objects would fall over, go flying across the room, and break without reason.

This continued happening until the family had specialists come and perform rituals at their house. The haunting stopped and the family moved away.


Details Behind the Curse

This movie is linked to many devastating occurrences related to the filming: most were, unfortunately, death.

Could it be that the film itself has a poltergeist attached to it and its filming?

Interesting enough, Poltergeist is said to be ‘the most cursed movie of all time.

Don’t believe us? The actress who played Carol Anne’s sister was strangled by her boyfriend and died several days later. The actor who played Henry Kane in the sequel’s second movie died right after the film was released. Two others died closely after the film’s release. An author who wrote a book for the movie said as soon as he wrote a specific line in the book his office was struck by lightning. He claims that the arcade games around him began to play themselves.

Is this simply a coincidence or is there no way it can just be a coincidence?


Where was Poltergeist (1948) filmed?

Most of the movie was filmed at a house in Simi Valley, which is located very close to L.A.

Could the house were the ‘Poltergeist’ was filmed have a strange entity in it? We suppose that no one will ever know!

The house where the movie was filmed is now owned by a family and is a private residence. However, if you find yourself in L.A and you are a major horror fan, this could be quite an interesting attraction for you to stop to look at.

The address is 4267 Roxbury Street. If you do happen to check it out, please do remember to be respectful as there is someone living there.


We listed Poltergeist as one of the 62 best haunted house movies. Check it out!

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