Ever Wonder Where the Best Haunted House Movies were filmed?

Best Haunted House Horror MoviesThere is nothing quite like a haunted house movie that scares you down to your bones. One that makes it hard to go to sleep at night in your own house, and has you convinced that every noise you hear is an evil spirit lurking in your house

Have you ever been so involved with a film that it feels like you’re right there trying to survive along with the characters? Ever been so curious about a haunted house you see on a film that you just NEED to see it in real life?

Lucky for you, we have taken the time to put together a list of 62 of the best haunted house movies and where they were filmed. Go visit, in real life, the haunted house that terrorized your mind for weeks… if you dare.


Approach with Caution

We drilled down on each haunted house movie as deep as possible, and in many cases we even provided the address of where the scenes were filmed.

With that being said, many of these houses are privately owned and trespassing is not allowed. We do not advise you to try enter these areas, unless it is stated that visitors are welcomed. 

Walking by and catching a glimpse of the house that terrified you on screen can really provide quite a thrill. 


Don’t be Frightened…

Browse through our list of 53 of the best haunted house horror movies to find your favorite, or potentially your new favorite! From the classic but horrifying Poltergeist (1982) to the light-hearted family friendly haunted house in Casper (1995), we have them all!

No more searching for hours to find out where you can find your favorite haunted house, we’ve done all that work for you. Beware!


Halloween Haunted House Movies1. Face Michael Myers from Halloween (1978)

Halloween tells the story of American slasher Michael Myers: a true classic. Everyone knows to watch out for the man behind the white mask thanks to this film. After murdering his sister on the night of Halloween fifteen years earlier, Michael Myers (Nick Castle) returns to his hometown to take on more victims.

The Myers House

The Myers’s house shown in the film is located at 1000 Mission Street in South Pasadena, California. Since filming, the house was moved to this location to avoid demolition. Pass by this spooky and quiet residence to see where Michael Myers killed his sister on Halloween night in 1963.

The Doyle House

One of Michael’s main victims when he returns home to Haddonfield is Laurie Strode (Jamie Lee Curtis). She goes to the Doyle House to babysit Tommy Doyle (Brian Andrews). Michael Myers then spends this night terrorizing her, killing off her friends, and trying to attack her. This house sits just steps away from the Sunset Strip in Los Angeles, at 1530 Orange Grove Ave.

The Wallace House

Annie Brackett (Nancy Kyes) is one of Michael Myers’ victims. He attacks her while she is babysitting at the Wallace House. This house stands in real life at 1537 Orange Grove Avenue, just down the street from the Doyle house (like in the movie). The house only looks a little bit different than the movie now because it has new windows and a new addition.


Rob Zombie's Halloween Haunted House Movie2. The Myers House in Rob Zombie’s Halloween (2007) Remake

In 2007, Rob Zombie made a new version of Halloween with Michael Myers (Tyler Mane) the fan-familiar main antagonist. Interesting enough, the Myers House in this remake is located only three blocks from the Myers house in John Carpenter’s 1978 version of the film. Stop by to see the house at 1110 Glendon Way in South Pasadena, California.


The Conjuring Best Haunted House Movies3. The Perron Farmhouse in The Conjuring (2013)

In The Conjuring, Roger (Ron Livingston) and Carolyn Perron (Lili Taylor) move into a farmhouse with their five daughters that is haunted by a dark presence. This presence terrorizes and even possesses some members of the family. While the story takes place in Harrisville, Rhode Island, the actual house seen in the film stands at 405 Canteuck Road in Currie, North Carolina.


The Conjuring 2 Best Haunted House Movies

4. The Hodgson & Nottingham Households in The Conjuring 2 (2016)

This film follows paranormal investigators seen in the first film (The Conjuring 2013), Ed Warren (Patrick Wilson) and Lorraine Warren (Vera Farmiga). They head to London to assist the Hodgson family, who is experiencing paranormal activity in their home. Exterior shots of both the Hodgson and Nottingham houses were taken on Graeme Road in Enfield, Middlesex, England.


The Haunting Haunted House Horror Movies5. The Hill House in The Haunting (1999)

The Haunting is about a group of people who volunteer to participate in a sleep study in a mansion that is essentially haunted by ghostly presences. The haunted mansion that they stay at is actually the Harlaxton Manor in Harlaxton, Lincolnshire in England. Both exterior and select interior shots were filmed here!


The Others Halloween Haunted House Movie6. Grace Stewart’s Mansion in The Others (2001)

This film tells the story of a Grace Stewart (Nicole Kidman), who lives in her family mansion with her two children. Spiritual presences begin making themselves known and she starts to realize that the house may be haunted. Exteriors of the mansion were filmed at Spain’s Palacio de los Hornillos in Las Fraguas, Iguna, Cantabria.


The Changeling Haunted House Horror Movies7. The Mansion in The Changeling (1980)

The Changeling is known as one of the scariest haunted house movies out there. In this film, John Russell (George C. Scott) stays in a secluded mansion and begins experiencing an upset presence that shatters windows, slams doors, and more. It only begins to get worse from there, as the spirit wants it’s story to be known and to get revenge. This real-life house that inspired this move was the Henry Treat Rogers Mansion located at 1739 East 13th Ave. Cheesman Park in Denver, Colorado. It is a haunted house, where real-life events took place.


Paranormal Activity Best Haunted House Movies8. Micah & Katie’s New Home in Paranormal Activity (2007)

The first film of the Paranormal Activity series, Paranormal Activity, tells the story of newlyweds Katie (Katie Featherson) and Micah (Micah Sloat). When they move into a new home, a demonic spirit comes out at night to haunt them. The house used to film this movie is located at 13236 Bavarian Drive in San Diego, California.


The Shining Haunted House Movies9. The Overlook Hotel in The Shining (1980)

In this film, a family settles into an isolated hotel as an agreement to watch over it for the duration of the winter. The hotel has a violent past of murder. An evil presence makes itself known to the family and forces them into violence. The exterior shots of the hotel were taken about 60 miles east of Portland, Oregon at the Timberline Lodge in Mount Hood, Oregon.


House on Haunted Hill Horror Movies10. The House in House on Haunted Hill (1959)

House on the Haunted Hill is about a group of people who are offered ten thousand dollars to locked in a haunted house for a night. What they experience does not turn out to be worth the money. This exterior shots of the home for this B film were taken at the Ennis House, located at 2607 Glendower Avenue in Los Feliz, Los Angeles, California.


House on Haunted Hill Remake Haunted House Movie11. The House in William Malone’s House on Haunted Hill (1999)

In the remake of William Castle’s 1959 House on Haunted Hill, William Malone modernizes the plot. Participants are offered a million dollars each to stay in a haunted house for a night. The house is Griffith Observatory, located at 2800 E Observatory Road in Los Angeles, California. This building is open for visitors and while it is not actually haunted, it is worth the visit for those who are from or visiting Los Angeles as it provides some really amazing views of the city.


A Nightmare on Elm Street Haunted Houses12. Look for Freddy Krueger from A Nightmare on Elm Street (1984)

A Nightmare on Elm Street tells the story of a handful of people who are haunted by a serial killer, Freddy Krueger (Robert Englund), that tries to kill them in their dreams. This movie is a true classic and is well-known by all horror fans.

Nancy Thompson’s House

Nancy Thompson (Heather Lagenkamp) is one of Freddy Krueger’s main victims throughout the film. He murders his first victim at her house. In real life, this house is located at 1428 North Genessee Avenue in Los Angeles, California. Ironically, this house is only a few blocks away from the Doyle house in Halloween (1978).

Tina Gray’s House

The first time the audience sees Freddy Krueger is when Tina Gray (Amanda Wyss) is sleeping at her house. This house is located at 620 Millwood Avenue in Venice Beach, California.

Glen Lantz’s House

Glen Lantz (Johnny Depp) is Tina’s boyfriend and plays a pretty important role in the story. His house shown in the film was located at 1419 North Genessee Avenue in Los Angeles, California, just down the street from Nancy Thompson’s house.


The People Under the Stairs Halloween Haunted House Movies13. The Robeson Household in The People Under the Stairs (1991)

In this story, a child and two adults break into a home as a burglary. Once they break in, they discover some horrifying secrets within the house and find that they are unable to escape. The house where this movie was filmed is the Thomas W. Phillips Residence, standing at 2251 S. Harvard Blvd. in Los Angeles, California. We really hope you don’t run into the people under the stairs if you visit…


14. The Oswalts’s New Home in Sinister (2012)

When Ellison (Ethan Hawke) and Tracy Oswalt (Juliet Rylance) move into their new home, they soon find that the house is haunted by a demon and an entourage of ghostly children. The house this movie was filmed at is located at 169 Middle Neck Road in Sands Point, New York. Go and check it out if you dare!


15. The Freelings House in Poltergeist (1982)

This is one of the greatest haunted house horror movies of all time. In Poltergeist, a young family with children live in a house that is haunted by ghosts. While they seem to be friendly ghosts at first, they continue to make their presence and their motive known. The house is located at 4264 Roxbury Street in Simi Valley, California. While the house itself is now privately owned with someone living in it, it is said that there is a curse associated with those who filmed the movie and the house it was filmed in. See our article outlining the curse of Poltergeist.


16. Grandma Jess’s House in Poltergeist II: The Other Side (1986)

In this film, the Freelings move into a new house but continue to be haunted by supernatural powers. One of the creepiest scenes of this movie is when the preacher walks up the driveway of Grandma Jess’s (Geraldine Fitzgerald) house singing “God Is In His Holy Temple”. The house where this scene takes place is located at 1589 Homewood Drive in Altadena, California.


17. Allerdale Hall in Crimson Peak (2015)

Crimson Peak follows an author who finds herself in a home that her mother’s ghost had warned her about. The filming for this movie took place entirely in Ontario, Canada. What’s interesting about this film is that an actual, full-sized mansion was built inside Pinewood Toronto Studios. The elevator and fireplaces even worked in real life. The only part of the house seen in the movie that was not real was the hole in the ceiling.


18. Yankee Pedlar Inn in The Innkeepers (2012)

In it’s last two days before closing up for good, the last two of Yankee Pedlar Inn’s employees decide to go on a hunt to discover the inn’s haunted past. The movie was actually filmed at Yankee Pedlar Inn at 93 Main St. in Torrington, Connecticut and it is said that the inn is haunted in real life. Unfortunately, the inn closed down in late 2016 and is no longer open for business.


19. The Home in The Haunting in Connecticut (2009)

This film was actually based on a true story of the Snedeker family moving into a house that used to be an old funeral parlor, where they had some frightening experiences. The real house where these events took place is located at 208 Meriden Avenue in Southington, Connecticut. See the full story on LiveScience. The movie was actually filmed in Teulon, Manitoba, Canada. The names of the family and town were fictionalized to keep attention away from the actual Connecticut home. 


20. The Georgia Home in The Haunting in Connecticut 2 (2013)

While the first film deals with a haunted house in Connecticut, the second installment takes viewers to Georgia. In the second film, a family moves into a new home in Georgia and finds that other spirits already live there. Despite taking place in Georgia, this movie was actually filmed at a home in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.


21. The Countryside Home in Darkness (2002)

When a family with a teenage girl moves into a new home, she discovers that the house may have had a very frightening past that is tied in with her own family. The countryside home in which the movie was filmed is located in Spain in Barcelona, Catalonia.


22. Benjamin Devereaux’s House in The Skeleton Key (2005)

The Skeleton Key tells the story of Caroline Ellis (Kate Hudson), who takes a job as a caregiver for Benjamin Devereaux (John Hurt). The Devereaux home seen in the movie was filmed at the historic Felicity Plantation, located on the Mississippi River in Saint James Parish, Louisiana.


23. The Creed Farmhouse in Pet Sematary (1989)

The farmhouse used to film this movie is located at 303 Point Road in Hancock, Maine. When the Creeds move into their lovely new home, they notice a cemetery in the woods behind the house. They later find out that this cemetery has some unspeakable powers that can essentially turn death back into life.


24. The Winward House in The Uninvited (1944)

Roderick Fitgerald (Ray Milland) and his sister, Pamela Fitzgerald (Ruth Hussey), move into a seaside house for a great price. The find the house has been abandoned for so many years because of it’s haunted past. The story takes place in a fictional town called “Biddlecombe”, but was filmed on the California coastline using a combination of shots of an actual coastline estate and other smaller homes.


25. Anna’s Home in The Uninvited (2009)

The storyline in The Guard Brothers’ 2009 film The Uninvited is about Anna (Emily Browning) looking to figure out who murdered her mom. She is visited by many ghostly presences, as well as her mother’s ghost, after returning home from a mental institution. The film is set in Maine, but was filmed in Vancouver, British Columbia at a waterfront property on Eagle Tree Road on Bowen Island.


26. The Eel Marsh House in The Woman in Black (2012)

Arthur Kipps (Daniel Radcliffe) is sent by his employer to examine the Eel Marsh House, where a woman who recently passed away had lived. When he goes to the house to examine, Kipps finds that the house is haunted by a woman dressed in black. The causeway that must be crossed to get to the house is the Causeway to Osea Island in Maldon, Essex, England. The Eel Marsh House is Cotterstock Hall located in Northamptonshire in England. 


27. The Lutz Home in The Amityville Horror (1979)

This film is based on a true story where a Ronald J. DeFeo, a 23-year-old murdered his parents and four siblings. This was the story that inspired the book, as well as the films. The house where this occurred was located at 112 Ocean Avenue in Amityville, New York, but later had it’s address changed to 108 Ocean Avenue as it’s new owners requested it’s address be changed. Authorities in Amityville denied permission for filming the movie at this location to keep public attention away. The movie was then filmed at a private residence in New Jersey: 18 Brooks Road in Toms River. The home in Toms River was altered to look like the actual house in Amityville.


28. The Amityville House in The Amityville Horror (2005)

Andre Douglas’s remake of the original film also did not take place at the original Amityville house. However, it is based on the same story and the same murder case that the 1979 film is based on. Instead of Amityville, this movie was filmed in Salem, Wisconsin at a home located at 27618 Silver Lake Road.


29. The Haunted House in Stephen King’s Rose Red (2002)

Stephen King’s Rose Red was a television mini-series that aired in 2002. It was about a group of people with psychic powers who were invited to spend a night in a haunted house. The series was filmed at Thornewood Castleat 8601 North Thorne Lane SW in Lakewood, Washington. It is now a bed and breakfast open for guests!


30. The Potter Schoolhouse in The Birds (1963)

One of the most memorable scenes in horror movie history is when the birds attack the students in front of the Potter Schoolhouse. It is located at 171100 Bodega Lane in Bodega, California and is currently a private-owned residence. The schoolhouse is reported to actually be haunted, with sightings of ghostly children, women, voices, doorknobs and rocking chairs that move on their own, and more. It’s said that even from standing on the street, you can hear children playing in the schoolyard.


31. Christine Brown’s House in Drag Me to Hell (2009)

A curse is placed on Christine Brown (Alison Lohman) has a curse placed on her by an old woman and faces many hurdles when she tries to escape the demon. Her house, which becomes haunted after she is cursed, can be found at 1031 Everett Street in Los Angeles, near Elysian Park.


32. The Murder House in American Horror Story: Murder House (2011)

In the first season on television series, American Horror Story, the story of the Murder House is told. The Harmons move into a new home, only to find it is haunted by residents of the past. The house stands at the same address it has in the show: 1120 Westchester Place in Koreatown, Los Angeles, California.


33. The Stables in Eraserhead (1977)

Eraserhead tells the story of Harry Spencer (Jack Nance), who finds out he is the father of a very loud, deformed child and goes insane. The interior shots and stables seen in this film are located at 905 Loma Vista Drive in Beverly Hills, California.


34. The Cabin in The Evil Dead (1981)

The Evil Dead is about five college students who are staying in a cabin that is isolated in a remote wooded area. They soon find out that the cabin is haunted by demons and desperately try to make it to the morning. The cabin this movie was filmed at is a remote cabin located in Morristown, Tennessee.


35. The House from Ju-on: The Grudge (2002)

One of the most famous world-wide Japanese horror films in history, Ju-On: The Grudge, is a story that is absolutely terrifying. A spirit is looking for revenge from anyone who enters the house it dwells in. Visiting the house seen in the film has become increasingly popular among people who are visiting Japan. The address for the house is 359-1116 Saitama-ken, Tokorozawa-shi, Higashichō, 15-15 in Japan. The house now has cameras surrounding it to avoid break ins. Credit for the address goes to the “Living the Tokyo Dream” blog!


36. The Glass House from Thir13en Ghosts (2001)

When Arthur Kriticos (Tony Shalhoub) moves with his two children into a house that was left to him by his Uncle Cyrus (F. Murray Abraham), he soon finds that the home is already housing twelve ghosts. The interesting glass house in the film was located in Lower Mainland, British Columbia and much of the film was filmed on a set inside of The Bridge Studios in Canada.


37. The Home of Emeric Belasco in The Legend of Hell House (1973)

This film is about a group of psychic investigators who move into an evil murderer’s house. Those who have visited the house have either been killed or driven to insanity, and it is up to these psychic investigators to determine if there really is life after death. This house stands in East Sussex, England and is known as the Wykehurst Park House.


38. The Maitland House in Beetlejuice (1988)

Beetlejuice tells the story of Adam Maitland (Alec Baldwin) and Barbara Maitland (Geena Davis), who are a dead couple happily living in their own home–until a family of living people try to move in. This movie took place in Connecticut, but the house seen in the film was actually located in East Corinth, Vermont. It was built for the film, but torn down shortly after.


39. The Texas Chainsaw House in The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (2003)

A true horror classic, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, is about a group of people who are being followed by a group of crazy killers with chainsaws. The actual house from the film was moved in 1988 to Kingsland, Texas. It is now open to the public as a restaurant, called Grand Central Cafe. You can find this cafe at 1010 King Court.


40. The Lambert House in Insidious (2010)

In Insidious, evil spirits are out to trap Dalton Lambert (Ty Simpkins) in another realm known as The Further. The Lambert house seen in the film is located at 4350 Victoria Park Drive in Los Angeles, California. This was the house that was known as the gateway into The Further.


41. The Uncle’s Estate in The Innocents (1961)

Miss Giddens (Deborah Kerr) is hired by the uncle of two orphaned children to raise and take care of them at his estate. She begins to believe that the children are haunting and possessing the children. This movie was filmed at Sheffield Park and Garden in East Sussex, England.


42. The Bramford Apartment Building in rosemary’s Baby (1968)

In Rosemary’s Baby, the Rosemary Woodhouse (Mia Farrow) and Guy Woodhouse (John Cassavetes) move into an apartment where they are greeted by devil-worshipping neighbors who have an unhealthy interest in their baby. The movie is filmed at The Dakota Hotel on 1 West 72nd St. at Central Park West in the Upper West Side, NYC. This is also the building where John Lennon lived and was murdered.


43. The Sacchetti House in We Are Still Here (2015)

This is the story of a haunted house in which supernatural powers “wake up” every 30 years to demand a sacrifice. Upon moving in, Anne Sacchetti (Barbara Crampton) and Paul Sacchetti (Andrew Sensenig) become the next victims of the spirits. It was shot just outside of Rochester, New York in the small communities of Palmyra and Shortsville.


44. Carla Moran’s House in The Entity (1983)

The Entity is said to be partially based on the life of Doris Bither, a woman who claimed to have been tormented by a demon. In the film, Carla Moran (Barbara Hershey), is tormented and sexually molested by a demon. The real house where these Doris Bither had such experiences is located at 11547 Braddock Drive in Culver City, California. The house seen in the film was made up of sets in the Laird International Studio in Culver City, California. The scene where the ghost takes control of Carla’s car takes place at the Santa Monica Pier.


45. FIndlay’s Childhood Home in Lord of Tears (2013)

Lord of Tears tells the story of James Findlay (Euan Douglas), who has nightmares of a nightmares of a frightening entity. He returns to his childhood home, where he uncovers the truth behind his dreams. This movie was filmed at the Ardgour House in Ardgour, Highland in Scotland.


46. The Witzky Residence in Stir of Echoes (1999)

In Stir of Echoes, Tom Witzky (Kevin Bacon) is put under a hypnotic trance and sees visions of ghosts in his home. The house seen in this film is located at 3619 West George Street in Chicago, Illinois. 


47. The Cabin in The Cabin in the Woods (2012)

The Cabin in the Woods is about a group of five friends who stay in a secluded cabin for a weekend in the woods. They do not have connection with the outside world, and soon awaken some deadly killers. The movie was filmed in the woods at Coquihalla Canyon Provincial Park in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.


48. Regan MacNeil’s House in The Exorcist (1973)

When Chris MacNeil (Ellen Burstyn) realizes her daughter Regan (Linda Blair) may be possessed by the devil, she asks for help from two priests. The Exorcist is truly a horror classic that is known around the world. The house where we see Regan’s head do a 360 stands at 3600 Prospect Street in Georgetown, Washington DC.


49. The Orphanage in The Orphanage (2007)

The Spanish film, The Orphanage, follows a woman who raises her child in what used to be an orphanage for handicapped children. The orphanage is haunted with the ghosts of children. It was filmed at the Palacio de Patarriu located near Llanes in northern Spain.


50. The Hudson Sisters’ House in What Ever Happened to Baby Jane? (1962)

In this film, Jane Hudson (Bette Davis) terrorizes her wheelchair-bound sister Blanche Hudson (Joan Crawford) in horrific ways. The movie was filmed at 172 South McCadden Place in Los Angeles, California.


51. The House in House II: The Second Story (1987)

House II: The Second Story follows a man who purchases a haunted house and finds that there are corpses, demons, and bones with magic powers. The movie was filmed at the Stimson House at 2421 South Figueroa Street in Los Angeles, California. It is near the Doheny campus of Mt. St. Mary’s College.


52. Garth Manor in Hell Night (1981)

In order to become a member of a sorority, four pledges are required to stay in Garth Manor, where an entire family was murdered twelve years earlier. It is said that one member lived through the murder and stays somewhere within the mansion. This was filmed at the Kimberley Crest House, located at 1325 Prospect Drive in Redlands, California.


53. The Lighthouse in The Fog (1980)

According to a legend in the town, Antonio Bay was built using blood money from shipwrecks. After 100 years, paranormal activity begins to occur at midnight. The lighthouse seen in the movie was filmed at the Point Reyes Lighthouse, located at 27000 Sir Francis Drake Boulevard in Inverness, California.


54. Investigate the Mystery of The Ring (2002)

The Ring tells the story of Rachel Keller (Naomi Watts), who is investigating a videotape that killed four teenagers. It is said that anyone who watches the tape will die in seven days.

The Morgan Horse Farm

The Morgan Horse Farm seen in The Ring was filmed at Emerald Glen Farm. This farm can be found at 23200 Yeager Road in Monroe, Washington.

The “Moesko Island” Lighthouse

The lighthouse in the film is actually the Yaquina Head Lighthouse in Newport, Oregon.


55. The Spencer House in What Lies Beneath (2000)

In What Lies Beneath, Claire Spencer (Michelle Pfeiffer) believes that her lakeside home is haunted by ghosts. She hears eerie voices and sees unexplained sights. She begins to wonder if these paranormal experiences may be related to the couple next door. The house seen in this movie was filmed in Addison, Vermont on the banks of Lake Champlain. It was built for the film and torn down shortly after. Interior and exterior views of the home were also duplicated on sound stages in Los Angeles.


56. Hotel Dolphin in 1408 (1981)

Mike Enslin (John Cusack) is a writer who writes books trying to debunk the mystery of the paranormal phenomena. He goes to haunted hotels, graveyards, and other places to write books. He goes to Hotel Dolphin to write about Room 1408, which is said to be possessed. While no other guests have left the room alive, he begins to realize he also may never make it out. The exterior of Hotel Dolphin was actually filmed at the Roosevelt Hotel on 45th St. and Madison Ave. in Manhattan, New York. The lobby of the hotel was filmed at The Reform Club in Pall Mall of St. James Parish in London, England.


57. Kylie Bucknell’s Childhood Home in Housebound (2014)

Housebound is a New Zealand film about Kylie Bucknell (Morgana O’Reilly), who is forced to return to her childhood home after being placed on house arrest. She begins to think that there are evil, supernatural powers in the home after her mother warns her the house may be haunted. The film was shot in New Zealand using three different homes. One was used for the exterior view, another for the interior view, and the last for it’s basement. It is unclear where these houses were actually located.


58. The Rolf’s Rented Mansion in Burnt Offerings (1976)

When Marian Rolf (Karen Black) and Ben Rolf (Oliver Reed) rent a mansion as a summer getaway, they are exposed to a horrific past. The mansion turns out to be extremely old and haunted, and they find that it regenerates itself by feeding off of the life of it’s occupants. The movie was filmed at Dunsmuir House and Gardens, located at 2960 Peralta Oaks Court in Oakland, California.


59. Hull House in Night of the Demons (1988)

This film is about ten teenagers who decide to throw a party at an abandoned funeral parlor on the night of Halloween. Evil spirits then awaken and keep the teenagers from leaving. The movie was filmed in the Adams District of Los Angeles, California. The old man’s house is located on the corner of Menlo Avenue and West 28th Street in Los Angeles. Hull House itself is no longer standing today, and is now a parking lot at the intersection of Menlo Avenue and West Adams Boulevard.


Family Friendly Haunted House Movies

While there are many haunted house movies that will scare you enough to make you want to keep a nightlight on in the dark, there are also a selection of haunted house movies that are suitable for kids! We did not want to leave them off of our list because, after all, this is your complete directory to the best haunted house movies.


60. The Abandoned Mansion in Casper (1995)

Casper is absolutely a Halloween classic. The film is about a paranormal expert and his daughter, who are bunking in an abandoned house that holds four ghosts: three of them being mean and mischievous, and one of them being a very friendly ghost.The flick was originally set to be filmed in Friendship, Maine but was shot in Camden, Maine instead. It takes place in a mansion called the Whipstaff Manor, located right on the sea front in Camden. It was not a real mansion and both the interior and exterior were only built on a set for filming.


61. The Mansion in The Haunted Mansion (2003)

In The Haunted Mansion, realtor Jim Evers (Eddie Murphy) is sent to a mansion with his wife and children. They learn that it is haunted and when they try to escape, Evers learns an important lesson about family. The movie was filmed at Sable Ranch, located at 25933 Sand Canyon Road in Santa Clarita, California.


62. The Monster House in Monster House (2006)

While this is an animated film and there is no physical filming location for the movie, we wanted to include it here on our family friendly list. Monster House is a story of three teens who investigate their neighbor’s house to find out if it is really haunted. They find out that it is actually a monster, and tell it’s secret on Halloween night.


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