The History of the 1982 Film Poltergeist

What exactly is a ‘poltergeist’? It is basically an entity or supernatural being that is responsible for a disturbance around you.

An example of these disturbances would be objects being mysteriously moved around, loud noises, doors closing on their own, and much more.

What most people don’t know is that the traditional idea of a ghost and a poltergeist are not the same thing.

A ghost is traditionally a spirit that is haunting you and will show itself, while a poltergeist is a disturbance that does not show itself. However, it does make itself known with the strange things begin happening around you.
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Horror Films that do Not get Enough Credit

As with every other genre, there are many horror films out there that are amazing that do not get enough credit.

We have seen a number of underrated horror films that we end up being impressed by. Some of them are actually really horrifying and executed well.

We wanted to share four horror movies weren’t rated very high, but in our opinion, should have been.

If you are someone who doesn’t watch certain horror movies based on their ratings, you should change your ways! Check one of these movies out, and you may just change your mind!
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What is Xenophobia?

Xenophobia is the fear of the other. This may include people from different countries and cultures.

It is also the fear of the unknown and is rooted in anything that is foreign, typically people.

Xenophobia is often considered to be an unreasonable phobia because it involves the blind judgment of people based on who they are and where they came from.

This is a phobia that has a large impact on both society as a whole, as well as individuals.
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Unique Serial Killer Films You May Not Have Seen

Who doesn’t love a great serial killer movie?

The best part about serial killers is how smart they tend to be. It really is so interesting to see their thought processes, plotting, planning, and finally execution.

The films out there about serial killers really are so creative, and even interesting!

We have chosen two movies and one TV series that revolve around serial killers. These are all definitely worth the watch if you are into the mystery surrounding serial killers.
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Horror Movies with a Low Budget but Insanely High Thrill Factor

There are definitely some amazing horror films out there which were made with a low budget. In many cases, these films are the scariest of them all.

Filming a major movie can cost as much as $100 million, but a great director can really create something entertaining without shelling out the cash.

Some of the greatest films that were made only ended up costing a few thousand dollars.

There are actually a few low budget films that I enjoy quite a lot. For being low budget, some of these films have great acting, props, effects, and more.

We put together a list of 5 of our favorite low budget horror films.
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