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Macabre disturbing Horror Flicks

Most Macabre

If you are looking for weird, sick and utterly insane horror flicks, this is where you want to go.
Top 25 coming soon.


Best Slasher Horror Flicks


This horror genre needs no explanation. It is up for debate but we think we nailed the best of all.
Click to see our top 25 picks! 


Best Monstor Flicks


Let your imagination run wild here. Monster movies will never get old or will they? Definitely not!
Click to see our top 25 picks!

Cult Horror Flicks

Cult Horror Films

These have a following and they are the true classics of all time. See what our picks are. You’ll be happy.
Top 25 coming soon.


Best psychological horror flicks

Psychological Horror

 This genre is for the fans out there that appreciate the twised mental and emotional states of a person.
Top 25 coming soon.


B Horror Movies

B Movies

These flicks just missed the mark. Or did they? These are almost always unforgettable classics.
Top 25 coming soon.

Thrillers Best Horror Flicks


Get those feelings of excitement, surprise, suspense, anticipation and anxiety. Feels good no?
Top 25 coming soon.


Gory Horror Flicks

Gory / Splatter

If blood does not make you lose your appetite, you will surely feel right at home here.
Top 25 coming soon.


Cannibal Zombie Flicks

Cannibal / Flesh eating

Why is eating flesh so interesting? Because it is ohhh so good. We did not say “tasting”. We just said good!
Top 25 coming soon.

About our lists

All best of lists are subjective and open to debate. Our top 25 horror movie lists by genre are no different.


We have an in-house staff in which all have contributed to our lists. We hope you take the time to go through them and offer feedback.


Let us know what you think are the best horror flicks! Simply choose your favorite genre to the left to get started.


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Recent featured horror news

Haunted House Movies

Haunted House Movies
Go See  62 of them Now!




Besides the best Horror Flicks of all time – You’ll want to see everything that we are doing before you die!

Best Horror Flicks Ever

We want to help you to find the best horror movies.. Yes of course. But besides Horror Flicks… We want to be are your trusted source for everything horror. We are the macabre. We are the unruly. We are the true internal fear of our visitors. We are not for the squeamish. We are here to prove to you that we are here to scare you. We are Your new home to death before you die.

See our list of user submitted top 5 horror movies, and submit your own here.


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